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Hollah, I'm Didi. Nineteen, Canadian, Supernatural, Whose Line and Harry Potter enthusiast. I'm into sketching, writing, singing, acting and I dabble in icons, banners, etc. I also used to horseback ride, but stopped when university began because of lack of time and money. I miss it everyday.

Hmm, more about me. Well, I'm nearing the end of my second year of university, though I've now officially attended three post-secondary institutions. I spent my first year at the University of Alberta, where I majored in English and minored in Theatre. Upon learning my parents were moving to Quebec and realising that living a country away from them is a financial impossibility, I was forced to move to Ontario. I attended Algonquin College where I took the Animation program for half a semester before dropping out; Animation wasn't for me. I like art, but not nearly enough to consider it a career. Now I'm attending Ottawa U, where I'm majoring in French as a Second Language. I hope to learn French and Spanish by the end of school. My ultimate goal is to haul my stuff back across the country to Vancouver and attend Vancouver Film School. After that, who knows?

My taste in music and movies is all over the place, ranging from Broadway to P!nk to the Mountain Goats to Buddy Holly to Psapp to the Beatles. When it comes to literature, I love Victor Hugo and JK Rowling and Alice Sebold.

I like to write and draw as hobbies. Aaaand. I have a cat? Yes. He's a fawn Abyssinian named Ezekiel, though I call him Izzie for short. I plan on getting another Aby one day, a ruddy girl, and called her Malibu (Bu for short). Malibu was the name of a dolphin I got to interact with in SeaWorld years ago when I participated in the Trainer for a Day program, so, it's a sweet homage as I once had dreams of being a marine biologist.

Please do me a favour and tell me if you Friend me and why you friended me, otherwise you're just a creeper.